Section 8 Applicants

When can I apply for housing assistance?

Applications for elderly, disabled and the single-family houses are available any time; and can be completed through our online portal at the link above. For questions regarding the application process, please contact the Waitlist Coordinator at 402.444.6203 ext. 131.

How long will I be on the waiting list?

For both the Section 8 and elderly/disabled public housing projects, applicants can expect to remain on the waiting list for up to one year or more. For the rental housing program, applicants can anticipate a 3 month-3 year wait.

I’m on the Section 8 wait list, What if I move, get a different phone number, or have some other change?

It’s very important to keep your contact information current on the wait list. Changes can only be made in writing, not over the phone. You may mail us a letter reporting the change or you can stop by our office during business hours to complete a brief form.

How do I find out my place on the Section 8 wait list?

We do not disclose wait list position; we can only verify that you are on the waiting list and that your contact information is current.

How is my rent determined?

Rental assistance is based on income and household size. Clients are required to pay at least 30% of their monthly adjusted income toward the gross rent (rent plus estimated utilities).

Does DCHA help with security deposits?

No, but DCHA does provide a list of community agencies that may be able to offer deposit assistance.

Where can I live?

DCHA's area of operations is west of 72nd Street in Omaha; north to the Washington County line and South to the Sarpy County line. It also includes Valley, Waterloo, Elkhorn, Ralston and Bennington.